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Without you (ORIGINAL)

 ’Without You’

I came by to see you yet, you don’t see me at all…

You don’t even notice me, how will you even fall?

Rejection from you is my pain

But I will never go insane

You don’t love me, it’s true

Well, here’s the thing: I can live without you

What are you doing here?

Are you here to come back to me?

Are you sure on what you are doing?

Because I don’t think that we were meant to be…

This is my final decision

I will say this without hesitation

I don’t love you anymore

I can live without you more and more…

I will be more cooler, more cooler than ever

I thought before that we are one,

but we will be never together

Just face it! In this reality,

Our love is a mere fantasy

We never loved each other, it’s true

Finally, we said to each other:

"I can live without you."

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